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Dr Rudolf Steiner

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Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was born in Austria. He found his life's work in the realms of consciousness and cognition.

His techniques for the development of awareness to nature's cycles, daily meditation and concentration practices, and clear critical thinking can lead individuals to reach spiritual levels of consciousness safely. His breadth of wisdom and knowledge places Rudolf Steiner as one of the leading thinkers of the 20th Century.

A university student of mathematics, science and philosophy in Vienna, he later earned a doctorate from the University of Rostock. He edited the scientific writings of Goethe, whose approach, based on intensified, selfless observation of nature, became a source of inspiration for his own work. Steiner's doctoral dissertation dealing with Fichte's theory of knowledge was later expanded and published as Truth and Science. In 1894, he published The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity, which he felt to be his most important philosophical work.

Steiner brought forth out of his spiritual experiences an abundance of scientific, medicinal, agricultural, social & economic, educational, architectural, and artistic renewal. Steiner called this science of spirit, Anthroposophy, meaning "wisdom of the human being." Anthroposophy is non-religious, and enhances many Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, and other traditional practitioners endeavors.

Author of almost thirty books, Steiner also gave approximately 6,000 lectures on a wide range of subjects and courses to many varied professional groups. He initiated Waldorf education, biodynamic farming and gardening, an approach to the care and education of the handicapped, anthroposophical medical work, and an art of movement called eurythmy.

"My meeting with Rudolf Steiner led me to occupy myself with him from that time forth and to remain always aware of his significance. We both felt the same obligation to lead man once again to true inner culture. I have rejoiced at the achievements his great personality and his profound humanity have brought about in the world."
Albert Schweitzer