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Questions & Answers

Are the units on level ground or multi-storey?
All Self Care units are on a single level. The Hostel is a two storey building with an lift at one end.

Have you got car parking space?
There are 12 undercover car parking spaces which are provided free of charge. The system works on a first-come basis. We generally find there is always enough car spaces for those requiring a car space.

Do you have any activities for residents?
There are a wide range of activities which residents can become involved in. The Hostel has a program of events for each day of the week and this is published once month in advance. This ranges from knitting to live performances, as well as a range of therapies such as art therapy, massage, foot baths, and various services such as podiatry & hairdressing. Self Care's active Social Committee co-ordinates Monthly Morning Tea outings, bridge (cards), scrabble, and musical concerts and performances. Weekly shopping trips are arranged to take residents to Hornsby's main shopping centre as well as to Asquith local shops . A range of religious services are held such as Catholic, Baptist, and The Christian Community. Festivals are celebrated seasonally.

Are we buying the unit and is it strata title?
No. Residents enter into a loan license agreement with CHRV, which entitles them to a life long tenancy. This applies both in the Self Care and the Hostel.

How much does it cost to come into the Self Care?
Currently there is an incoming contribution (Loan License Agreement) as follows:

One bedroom unit with study (or second bedroom) $482,100

One bedroom unit $340,600

A retention amount of 5% per annum for 5 years (total 25% of the incoming contribution) is kept by CHRV. This is calculated daily (described as a departure fee in the Resident's Contract) and only applies from the entry date of residency to the exit date.

Are there any on-going charges?
Yes. There is currently a quarterly maintenance charge of $991 ($76.23 per week) for both one and two bedroom Self Care units. This covers all costs, such as water, insurances, administration, gardening, advertising / marketing, etc. Electricity and telephone are costs which are not covered by this charge.





Are there any requirements for entry into Self Care or the Hostel?
To enter Self Care, a letter from a doctor stating that the prospective resident is capable of independent living is required.

For entry into the Hostel, an ACAT assessment is required. This is arranged by the prospective resident with their own doctor. The ACAT team determines the level of care required. This is then categorised.