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Independent Living

Retirement Village viewThere are 23 Self Care units, 19 of which are two bedrooms or, alternatively, one bedroom with a study, and four are one bedroom only.
Facilities include:

  • lounge/dining room
  • kitchen
  • bathroom/laundry
  • veranda, front and back

Units are designed for ground level access with no stairs. Ramps are also provided for ease of access to most of the complex. Depending upon availability, a carport is provided at no additional cost.

Entry Criteria

Intending occupants must meet the following requirements to be eligible to enter a Self Care unit at Christophorus House:

  • be fifty five (55) years of age or over
  • be able to care for themself/selves
  • have the ability to live independently, as assessed in consultation with a medical doctor, and a medical certificate must be provided by your own medical doctor yearly.

Waiting List

Christophorus House operates a Waiting List for those persons wishing to enter a Self Care unit in the future. The date on which the name was placed on the list determines the place on that list.

When a place becomes available, communication is made to all persons on the Waiting List describing the location of the unit and the price. It will be allocated to the person expressing interest whose name is nearest the top of the list (eg, if a person No. 17 and No. 12 are both interested in purchasing, the unit will go to person No. 12), providing a medical assessment certifies their ability to live independently and the Licence Agreement is able to be entered into within a reasonable period of time.

Community Spirit

Many people comment on the caring spirit which exists at Christophorus House and good friendships have been made amongst the residents. They support each other in good and hard times whether in celebrating family events or assisting on occasions of sickness or increasing frailty.

Residents Committee

The residents have a Residents Committee which is set up under the Retirement Villages Act 1999 (and associated Regulations 2000) whereby residents have input into day to day aspects of Village life as well as budgetary considerations.

Social Committee

Christophorus House Social Committee organises gatherings such as concerts, monthly morning outings and Christian Community Services on a regular basis.


Both Hostel and administration staff are professional and friendly and are available to be of assistance.


Self Care Residents Information

Notice Board

There is a notice board in the Cottage common room with a calendar and announcements of coming events and outings.


The Village bus takes residents to Hornsby for shopping each Wednesday at 10am and collects them again at 12.30pm and to Asquith for shopping each Friday at 10am and picks up at 11.30am. The bus is also used for outings.


Your visitors are welcome any time in your home for short stays. Please advise the office during business hours on 9476 3161 of those visits in the event of an emergency. If the intended stay is for longer than three weeks, please consult with the CEO, Milan Telford.

Outgoing Mail

A letterbox is located in the dining room of the Hostel and is emptied Tuesday to Friday by 4pm.


Telephone connection is your responsibility. All charges are payable by the resident.


There are a number of medical practices and doctors in the area and administration staff is able to provide you with a list. If your GP is local and you are happy with him/her to look after you, this may continue.


Each Thursday morning, Lynda comes to the upstairs lounge in the Hostel. No appointments are offered so it is best to arrive early. She is available for Hostel and Self Care residents, including men. Prices are on the wall above the sink. The cost is at your own expense.


Our very experienced Podiatrist, Shelley, visits the Hostel and Self Care Residents regularly. She will also do private visits.


Along with footbaths, massages can be arranged each Friday.

Maintenance / Window Cleaning

All maintenance is under-taken by our maintenance supervisor and service agents.

Gardens are maintained by our long standing gardener of 27 years. Should residents also wish to maintain their own gardens, this is always available.

Window cleaniong is attended to twice every year and is a service provided by Christophorus House.

Self Care Residents Meeting

This meeting takes place every two months in the Cottage. This use it as a forum for your participation in Christophorus House.