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Accommodation Vacancies

Currently, we have the following accommodation vacancies:

Self Care Two Bedroom Nil
  One Bedroom Nil
Hostel Single Rooms 5

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Pricing & Arrangements

General overview on pricing

We at Christophorus House are aware that you need to have a complete overview on all the financial and legal implications of you moving in with us.

Below you will find all necessary information regarding pricing.

Feel free to contact us at any time for a personal meeting and a more detailed discussion.

New Arrangements for Hostel from 1st July 2014

Under the Aged Care (Living Longer Living Better) Act 2013, the way the industry accommodation is to be paid for has changed. From 1st July 2014, residents can choose to pay for their accommodation by a refundable deposit, a daily payment, or a combination of both.

A refundable deposit is paid as a lump sum amount. A daily payment accrues daily and is paid periodically, for example monthly. A combination payment includes both a partial lump sum and daily payments.

CHRV (along with all aged care facilities in the industry) has had to increase its 'Refundable Accommodation Deposit' (RAD), from the current $455,000 to $495,000 due to lost retention revenue as a result of the new legislated aged care reforms.

Hence the current maximum Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) is $495,000 but subject to an asset test with the possibility of a lower priced bond.

If paying solely by way of a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP) the daily rate would be $82.65, (annual $30,164) (calculated as 6.63% on the $455,000).

Please Note: the Accommodation component of cost to enter and aged care facility should NOT be confused with the 'Residential Fee' component (as calculated by the Dept. Social Services), which pays for food and services and is usually approx 85% of the pension with a means tested fee applied if applicable.

A combination RAD and DAP results in a situation such as the following example:

Incoming resident pays a RAD of $355,000, leaving an outstanding RAD of $100,000 ($455,000 less $355,000). The payment of the DAP in the first month (say July) would be $562.03 ($18.13 x 31 days). The following table shows the position for each of the next 12 months.

Month Opening
DAP¹ Days Deduction
1 July $355,000.00 $18.16 31 $562.96
2 August $354,437.00 $18.27 31 $566.27
3 September $353,870.73 $18.36 30 $551.09
4 October $353,319.64 $18.46 31 $572.56
5 November $352,747.08 $18.57 30 $557.21
6 December $352,189.87 $18.67 31 $578.92
7 January $351,610.95 $18.77 31 $581.87
8 February $351,029.08 $18.89 28 $528.80
9 March $350,500.28 $18.98 31 $588.43
10 April $349,911.85 $19.09 30 $572.66
11 May $349,339.19 $19.19 31 $594.97
12 June $348,744.22 $19.30 30 $579.02

Note 1: (Agreed RAD - Opening Balance) x MPIR of 6.63% / 364
Note 2: The Daily Accommodation Payment rate continues to rise due to the
difference between the agreed RAD and the opening balance widening
each month. The RAD refund there-fore diminishes over time and is not
so refundable in terms of a combination payment elective.

Key Features Statement

Description of quality, condition and amenity of room

Rooms are maintained in good condition. Some rooms have larger ensuites but smaller main areas and some rooms have smaller ensuites and larger main areas. Each room has a door to an outside balcony area. There is a small bar fridge and tea making facility area in each room. Each room is unique in ceiling design and aspect augmenting the residents individuality.

CHRV is a small facility with 24 beds adding to the homely atmosphere of the resident community.

Size of room (m2) excluding ensuite

Average size including ensuite is 23m2

Description of quality, condition, size and amenity of common areas to which a person living in this room would have access

CHRV has a main lounge with an adjoining sun room (which is able to be closed off) and a dining area; all together they make a large setting for family community functions. There are also sitting room areas downstairs and upstairs. Downstairs sitting room has computer internet access. There is a lift for access to the top floor. In the lounge there is Foxtel available.

There are beautiful garden settings and outdoor sitting areas.

Description of any specific accommodation or design features of the room to which a person in this room would have access.

Each room is unique in design (no two rooms are alike). There is an air-conditioner, a wall water heating system, and television antenna outlet. Rooms on the top floor have fans as well. All rooms have a bar fridge and tea making facilities.

Description of any additional care or services offered at no additional cost

Therapies such as foot bath massage weekly; a wide range of activities including bus outings, exercise groups, bingo/hoy, indoor golf, craft. All special days are celebrated as per the religious festivals, Melbourne Cup Day, St Patricks day etc., Special events such as Carols by Candlelight, entertainers, visitors who give talks, weekly talks on various themes, armchair travel, happy hour and many more such activities.

Click here to download the complete aged care induction pack for new residents.


Christophorus House (CHRV) Policy

If a person who is in the independent living units (ILU / Self Care), intends to go into the Residential Aged Care Facility (RACF), CHRV policy is that a member of the community will always have access to a room, even if after under-taking the assets test, there are insufficient funds to meet the current price of entry into the RACF. So for example, someone who came 20 years ago to the Village (and there are some), and paid $140,000 at the time for their bond, now the bond being at $105,000 (after retentions) will still have access to the RACF, which currently is at an entry bond of $455,000, even if the bond from the ILU is all that they have. The incoming bond for the RACF would be set at $105,000. CHRV believes that it is the only retirement village in Australia, that offers this whole of retirement life capability. It gives residents of the Self Care peace of mind that when they need higher level services, money will not be an object in staying at CHRV and getting the care they need.


Schedule for Self care Entry Contributions

Self care units/Independent Living Units (ILU)

One bedroom unit with study
(or second bedroom)
Entry Contribution from $531,000 - $531,700
One bedroom unit Entry Contribution from $375,000 - $375,700

A retention of 5% per annum is made from the Entry Contribution up to 5 years completed. Upon termination of residency the Entry Contribution, less the retentions (as outlined), is repaid within 6 months after vacating the unit.

Quarterly Maintenance Fee for a one or two room unit is $1,015.

The fee is used to cover the running costs such as building insurance, general community maintenance including lawns and gardens and maintenance provisions.

The above mentioned prices may vary from time to time and all terms and conditions will be finalised at the time contracts/documents are signed.